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Thanks again for writing such a nice program!
I am so impressed. FTP runs without missing a beat ... Something I have NEVER seen before from a cam program. Usually I get a few images undersize every day or the ftp fails a few times during the day. NOT with your program it runs flawless. Another thing is the quality of the ftp images is much better than my old software, yet the images are about 1/8 the size.... Just gain gain gain ....

 Ken Carpenter  more>>


Devices used by our customers

AbelCam webcam server for windows capture device list

The following 771 devices match your filter usb:

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  • Cinergy 250 USB Video (PAL) driver
  • Cinergy 400 USB driver
  • Cinergy HTC USB XS Analog Capture driver
  • Cinergy Hybrid T USB XS (Analog) driver
  • Cinergy Hybrid T USB XS FM Analog Capture driver
  • Cirrus Logic USB-DVR2 Source driver
  • CN610DVB-DT KIOWA Ricevitore Hibryd DVB-T analogico/Digital USB Device driver
  • Conceptronic VideoPro USB Camera driver
  • Concord Eye-Q Go 2000 USB Video Capture V1.01 driver
  • Concord EyeQ Duo LCD USB Video Capture V1.00 driver
  • CONRAD USB Webcam driver
  • Crown-usb pc camera driver
  • Cyber Snipa USB PC Camera driver
  • D-Link USB CCD Video Camera driver
  • D-Link USB Digital Camera driver
  • D-Link USB Digital Video Camera driver
  • D-Link USB Digital Video Camera Plus driver
  • D-Link USB Video Capture Device driver
  • Deasy USB2.0 Camera driver
  • Delux USB20PCCam driver
  • DeluxUSBPCCamPro driver
  • Digitech Computer USB WEBCAM driver
  • DigiVue USB Device 2 driver
  • DigiVue USB Device 4 driver
  • Dimera 350C USB Camera driver
  • Dingyi USB PC Camera 301DY driver
  • Dispositivo de vídeo USB driver
  • Dispositivo de vídeo USB driver
  • Dispositivo de vì­deo USB driver
  • Dispositivo Video USB driver
  • Dolphin USB 2.0 Clip-on Webcam with Built-in Microphone driver
  • DTCS033 CCD USB2.0 Camera driver
  • DTV-DVB USB Hybrid Analog/Capture driver
  • Dual Mode USB Camera driver
  • Dual Mode USB Camera 518Plus driver
  • Dual Mode USB Camera DigiPen driver
  • Dual Mode USB Camera OV530 driver
  • Dual Mode USB Camera Plus driver
  • DVI2USB Solo D3U50953 driver
  • Dynalink VideoPro USB Camera driver
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